Poisoned For Profit

In Poisoned for Profit: How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill, Philip and Alice Shabecoff present an impeccably researched parallel between the proliferation of environmental toxins and the dramatic increase in chronic childhood disease in the US. Through the voice of a prosecutor giving evidence to a jury, they present a criminal case of chemical assault on children. The victims’ stories are woven through the book, as is the complex web of chemical corporations, government agencies, politicians, scientists, lawyers and lobbyists that are perpetrators and co-conspirators in this heinous crime. The book asks: Where is the justice for the children?
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Kids’ World of Energy Festival: Call for volunteers

The Kids’ World of Energy Festival brings together over 4000 students, youth, volunteers and families to engage with hands-on learning about renewable energy. Taking place at the Evergreen Brick Works, this festival will feature 3 curriculum-linked days designed specially for grade 5 and 6 classes, and 2 public days open to the community. Continue reading Kids’ World of Energy Festival: Call for volunteers

Global Warming for Young Minds

Flemming Bermann, a software developer in Southampton, England, was frustrated at the lack of good books about climate change and sustainability aimed at children, so he wrote one. Global Warming for Young Minds is intended to be a politically neutral primer on climate change and environmental stewardship for kids between the ages of six and 10. Interspersed throughout the book are games and puzzles meant to build on the ideas presented. Bermann’s intentions are certainly unassailable and he has good ideas, but that is nearly sunk by the book’s cheap and amateurish design and illustrations.
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Jimmy’s Gone Green

In Jimmy’s Gone Green, a group of young boys gather to consider the plight of Jimmy, their friend, who they’ve heard has gone green. The boys are panicked, believing this to be a symptom of the flu or something worse. Jimmy soon arrives to assuage their fears, explaining that he’s “just helping to keep the environment clean.” Jimmy goes on to offer 10 easy steps his friends can take to do the same.

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