National Farmers Union

NFU members believe that the problems facing farmers are common problems, and that farmers producing diverse products must work together to advance effective solutions. The NFU works toward the development of economic and social policies that will maintain the family farm as the primary food-producing unit in Canada. Associate Members are a valued part of…

Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA)

The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA) is a non-profit, producer-based organization dedicated to the promotion of soil conservation in Saskatchewan. The SSCA gives producers strong peer and professional support as they adopt soil conservation practices.

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Farmer Direct –

Farmer Direct Co-operative Ltd. is a producer-driven business that provides the world with ethically grown and traded foods. Our co-operative of 60 organic farmers produce high quality 100% Certified Organic fairDeal oilseeds and pulses for food manufacturer’s distributors, and food service providers worldwide. You can choose from Farmer Direct’s three supply options: bulk packaged &…

Nature Conservancy of Canada Protects Shoe Lake West

NCC-Saskatchewan announced the protection of the Shoe Lake West property as part of its fifth annual Gift to Canadians for Canada Day. The 522-acre (211-hectare) site features diverse habitats essential to many bird species, including the endangered Piping Plover, the threatened Sprague’s Pipit and endangered Burrowing Owl.

Sask. studies on energy mega-projects under review

Questions are being asked about the future of a Saskatchewan feasibility study on a $1-billion “near-zero-emission” coal-fired electricity plant. Ottawa is reviewing both the proposed study on the coal plant and a second proposal

Bison to roam free in Saskatchewan park

A herd of plains bison from Alberta will be released this spring in Saskatchewan to roam free in a national park. Seventy bison from Elk Island National Park, about 45 kilometres east of Edmonton, were shipped to Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan before Christmas.

Money for burrowing owls could be at risk

Money to protect endangered burrowing owls could be in short supply this year. Nature Saskatchewan’s burrowing owl program has been around since 1987 and since the beginning the program has received financial support from the Saskatchewan Environment Department.

Saskatchewan buses to try canola power

Canola, commonly used to make margarine and cooking oil, will soon be used to run buses. Starting in May, Saskatchewan Transportation Co.’s buses will use a two-per-cent biodiesel mixture.

Saskatchewan’s Environmental Champions

The Centennial Environmental Champions project is drawing together the many historical threads of these achievements and champions to produce an educational website and timeline poster as a historical resource to schools, libraries, and citizens across Canada.

Earthcare Connections

Earthcare Connections is a charity dedicated to educating people about healthy and environmentally friendly choices. Being attentive to the needs of the environment and taking appropriate actions to minimize harmful effects is the course Earthcare Connections is taking. When people work together, any goal can be accomplished. Together, we must reflect upon our actions, and…

Hike and Bike Challenge

In Saskatoon a spirit of healthy competition is helping get the wheels turning to reduce greenhouse gas production.

Craik Sustainable Living Project

We believe that sustainability will become the dominant issue of the 21st century. Our society needs to develop ways of living that are economically viable and socially just which do not at the same time destroy the ecological base that sustains us and all other life on the planet. The Town and the Rural Municipality…

Saskatchewan Environmental Society

The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is a non-profit, registered charity whose mandate is to work towards a world in which all needs can be met in sustainable ways. Sustainability will require healthy ecosystems, healthy livelihoods and healthy human communities.

Spirit Creek Watershed Monitoring Committee

The Spirit Creek Watershed Monitoring Committee is the first of its kind established in Canada to monitor intensive livestock operations. Its members are local residents representing municipal and community groups, rural residents, cottage owners and farmers in the Good Spirit Lake area of east-central Saskatchewan.

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin (PFSRB), a non-profit charitable organization, is a network of partners committed to increasing stewardship of the river basin by developing: public awareness and education tools to teach the importance of the basin