Are oil production emissions bad for your health? Ask Alberta’s energy regulator

Report concludes that odours from bitumen tanks in Peace River are causing health issues for nearby residents.

Working with nature can protect us from floods

As people begin to pick up their lives, and talk turns to what Calgary and other communities can do to rebuild, safeguarding our irreplaceable, most precious flood-protection assets should be given top priority.

Alberta’s Solar Surge

Alberta’s solar potential is measured as high as any other community its size anywhere else in the world.

Dumping waste into the ground is a shaky solution

Several scientific reports have called into question everything from injection wells to carbon capture and storage. The latter is a key component of the federal and Alberta governments’ climate change strategies and budgets.

Another day, another pipeline spill

The goal of our government and industry leaders appears to be to dig up as much oil as possible, as quickly as possible, and sell it overseas, and damn the economic and environmental consequences.