Are oil production emissions bad for your health? Ask Alberta’s energy regulator

Report concludes that odours from bitumen tanks in Peace River are causing health issues for nearby residents.

VIDEO: Economic Sustainability and Traceability for Fishermen

Shared by Sobey’s –  30 May 2011 – Fishermen are challenged with managing increasing costs and extensive regulations. That’s why it is important for them to adapt to each year’s fishery situation and adopt more sustainable practices. Hear what fishermen think about the value of providing consumers with the opportunity to trace where their fish came…

Guelph Organic Conference – January 26-29, 2012

The Guelph Organic Conference is this weekend, January 26-29, at the Guelph University Centre. The conference begins on Thursday with a day of workshops about co-ops in recognition of 2012 being the U.N. International Year of Co-operatives. Other workshops throughout the weekend include topics such as Financial Viability, Organic Livestock Care and Management, and Trends in the Organic Cropping World. Throughout the…

Try to Look Pretty Without Poisoning Yourself!

Shared by environmentaldefence on Jan 5, 2012 Get toxins out of your makeup. Learn more, find out how, and find safer alternatives at When you’re brushing your teeth, changing the little one’s diaper, and putting on deodorant in the morning, are you thinking about the chemicals in your toothpaste, your diaper cream, your shampoo, and your lipstick?…

Book Review: Whole Foods to Thrive

I remember taking a course in University that focused on systems where we learned how everything in the ecosystem is connected in one way or the other. At the time I remember being bored to death and thinking that I will never need to know this information. But now I find myself looking closely at the food we eat.