Introducing EcoParent magazine

Get ready for the first issue of EcoParent magazine, a new Canadian print publication that will cater to eco-savvy and eco-curious parents.

Tides Canada’s Top 10 Canadian grassroots initiatives

The 2011 Tides Canada Top 10 were recently announced, recognizing the nation’s most innovative and forward-thinking projects and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision and real-world impact in addressing today’s most pressing environmental and social problems.

Bells Corners Eco-Fair

Eco-Fair featuring exhibits, forums and discussion groups on current topics, 100 mile lunch for 100; keynote by Elizabeth May; 29 October 2011.

Workshop: Water & Growth: Niagara Escarpment

Ontario youth between 18-35 are invited to attend the Water & Growth: Exploring Prosperity, Protection and Paradox along the Niagara Escarpment workshop October 28th, 2011 – October 30th, 2011 to learn about the relationship between economic growth and ecosystem protection.

Music with a cause – Swim Drink Fish Music

The Swim Drink Fish Music Club is an online music and audio experience developed by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper in collaboration with other Waterkeeper organizations across Canada.

Searching for food sovereignty in the Bella Coola Valley

Many eco-conscious people have fantasized about leaving it all behind to go live off the land and eat only what they grow, hunt or fish. But what would it really be like? Author Kristeva Dowling has put it all down on paper in a new book called Chicken Poop for the Soul: In Search of […]

Getting A Grip 2

Getting A Grip 2: Clarity, Creativity and Courage for the World We Really Want is a revised edition of a book that addresses the common feeling that the planet is in trouble and we have little control over the outcome. Author Frances Moore Lappé tackles the issues of the world by acknowledging the problems and the overwhelming task of dealing with them, and then doesn’t waste any time offering up solutions.Click through for our full review…

The Secret Life of Stuff

The underlying message in Julie Hill’s book, The Secret Life of Stuff: A Manual for a New Material World, is one of conscious simplification. Not one to slap the wrists of consumers, she professes a love of shopping and the joy she gets from the perfect “find” for pennies. She does, however, question the ways in which we currently try to “green” our buying habits.Click through for our full review…

Our Greener Side Celebration

Discover practical tips from sustainability experts and enjoy green exhibits, guided tours, kids’ activities, live entertainment, tree planting and more!

Ottawa Eco Fair

The 8th annual Ottawa EcoFair takes place September 17, 2011, from 10am-5pm. It celebrates green-living ideas, products and services with Ottawa’s grassroots community on display.

Art for Impact: Something out of Something

Join Art for Impact on May 4, at Vancouver’s Performance Works on Granville Island, for an evening of performances exploring how creativity and innovation can improve our relationship with our planet.