EthicalTree hopes to connect ethically-oriented consumers and businesses

Ottawa – While studying international development and entrepreneurship at the University of Ottawa, Frank Ferris saw a huge gap between the number of ethically-oriented consumers and the available resources for helping them find businesses and products they wanted. That realization would eventually lead to, an online resource for aligning those consumers with the businesses…

Community Planting Event Quebec – June 20, 2015

Join Forests Ontario, Forest Recovery Canada and their partners, including event supporters Honda, City of Boucherville, and Soverdi on June 20th. Take part in a free workshop that will provide participants with a practical and hands-on opportunity to learn about tree planting!

Sharing the Range with Grizzly Bears

A story about the challenges of living with large carnivores, and how the Waterton Biosphere Reserve and others are meeting those challenges.

Troc-Exchange explores the virtues of collaborative consumption

Troc-Exchange, a Vancouver-based online business that connects communities for trading or swapping goods, has announced the launch of its values-driven bartering website with hopes of reinventing the way we consume.

Christine and Yvan Saché were inspired to create in Paris, after seeing that unsustainable lifestyles were increasingly causing stress in their beautiful city. When they were no longer able to live with the environmental issues they confronted daily, they decided to make a change a… Read more..

Canada Walks gets kids walking to school

New data from Canada Walks shows that a whopping 41 percent of children were driven to school before the group took aim to reduce that number by increasing the rate of walking and cycling for the school journey.

To nurture our kids, with nature

In this exclusive sneak peek from EcoParent magazine, Environmental Defence executive director, Rick Smith, makes the case for nature-based learning.