The Story of Building Ontario’s Bruce Trail

Toronto – The famous Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, snakes its way all the way from Niagara’s wine country to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula,  at Tobermory. Stretching almost 900 kilometres, with roughly 400 kilometres of side trails, the trail offers magnificent hikes along forested cliffs and valleys of the Niagara Escarpment, a…

Resource and Environmental Management in Canada

Bringing together contributions from over two dozen specialists in the field, this new fourth edition explains how the management process works; the variety of strategies used; the various technical and non-technical considerations that influence decisions; and the tradeoffs that must be made to accommodate a broad range of legitimate societal interests.

Book: The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse

In this book, Rirdan submits a plan that truly goes the distance: a highly detailed, planetary-wide blueprint that lays out a new course for our technological and industrial engines. It calls for sweeping adjustments in the way every person thinks and lives.

Edible Adventures

There is food all around us. Whether you live in the city or the country, in a house or an apartment, you have access to way more fresh healthy food than you think.

Protect yourself from bear attacks

As hiking season approaches, bears start to emerge from hibernation. Check out this great resource to help you become more aware on how to protect yourself from bear attacks…. Product description from What causes bear attacks? When should you play dead and when should you fight an attacking bear? What do we know about…

Introducing EcoParent magazine

Get ready for the first issue of EcoParent magazine, a new Canadian print publication that will cater to eco-savvy and eco-curious parents.

Living Green: A Turtle’s Quest for a Cleaner Planet

A family of turtles has gathered to celebrate the wedding of Miss Taylor Turtley. It is a perfect day for all concerned, until suddenly they are pelted with garbage from a passing car on the nearby highway. Outraged, young Thurman the Turtle vows to take decisive action to stop the littering and spoiling of the turtles’ habitat.

Book Review: Whole Foods to Thrive

I remember taking a course in University that focused on systems where we learned how everything in the ecosystem is connected in one way or the other. At the time I remember being bored to death and thinking that I will never need to know this information. But now I find myself looking closely at the food we eat.

Book Review: Here on Earth

Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet is as much a personal letter to humanity as a natural history of the planet. It asks, “Will ours be a Medean or Gaian future?”, referring to diverging hypotheses named for Greek goddesses, one destructive and the other life-giving. Tim Flannery – Australian scientist, Copenhagen Climate Council chairman and author of The Weather Makers, argues that rather than being a foregone conclusion, “what we believe…will determine our fate.” The time to decide what we believe, he says, is upon us.

Alternatives Journal wants YOU!

So far, 24% of respondents say that Robert Bateman is their favourite Canadian nature artist. 43% say that The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is their preferred environmental book for children. Help Alternatives Journal celebrate its 40th birthday by adding your choices to our 40 Best-Of Lists for a Better World. We want to know about your environmental favourites….