Nuclear waste repository on hold for Saugeen Ojibway Nation review

The environmental assessment process for a proposed Deep Geologic Repository for nuclear waste has been halted until the Saugeen Ojibway Nation has made an informed decision on whether or not to support the project.

Oil exploration blocked in Supreme Court ruling on Indigenous rights

Ottawa – The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled unanimously in favour of the Inuit hamlet of Clyde River in its case to stop oil exploration in the Canadian Arctic. This landmark ruling will have far-reaching impacts in terms of strengthening Indigenous rights around resource extraction projects, giving this David vs. Goliath battle an ending…

EthicalTree hopes to connect ethically-oriented consumers and businesses

Ottawa – While studying international development and entrepreneurship at the University of Ottawa, Frank Ferris saw a huge gap between the number of ethically-oriented consumers and the available resources for helping them find businesses and products they wanted. That realization would eventually lead to, an online resource for aligning those consumers with the businesses…

EduTOX Video Challenge

If you like making videos and you want to be part of making our world a healthier place, the EduTOX Video Challenge may just be for you.