Make a Donation web site does not receive any type of ongoing financial support. Most projects are volunteer-initiated and we welcome any one-time grants, annual sponsorships or advertisement opportunities.

Whether a business or an individual, your generous contribution will help us inspire Canadians toward a greener future, by generating environmental awareness and providing the resources to make a positive difference in their own way. As a contributor to our initiative, you join a growing list of organizations and citizens united in this common cause for environmental sustainability. In appreciation, we will promote your organization or initiative on our web site by setting up a page specifically for you.

Monetary donations (of any amount) or even support in services and products are always welcome and needed. Your contribution will help finance our operations (web hosting and connection fees, domain name registration, facility and software upgrades, special projects, and donations to other organizations).

Every donation makes a huge difference. This is still a young and growing project and the potential is enormous. With only a handful of volunteers, we have already accomplished much for very little (powered by passion and the web). With your support we can do a lot more!

Thank you again for your kind support. We greatly appreciate it as every little bit helps.