Tru Earth Declared Canada’s 2nd Fastest Growing Startup by Canadian Business Magazine

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (October 15, 2020) – Canadian Business today ranked Tru Earth No. 2 on its annual STARTUP LIST, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. Produced by Canada’s premier business and current affairs media brands, the STARTUP LIST ranks Canadian businesses on two-year revenue growth. Growth List winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with Maclean’s magazine and online at and


Tru Earth dominated the consumer-packaged goods start-up market with a two-year revenue growth of 8408%, from $0 to a current run rate of over $30 Million based entirely on its zero-waste, environmentally friendly laundry strip that completely eliminates the need for heavy plastic detergent jugs.  

Tru Earth CEO and Co-founder, Brad Liski says the ranking is an exciting validation of the company’s mission. “As a consumer-packaged goods company, launching a zero waste, compact, disruptive product into an established laundry detergent market was intimidating but we knew there was a gap there,” said Liski. “We are at war with plastic. Our eco-strips come in compostable cardboard envelopes and completely dissolve in the laundry process. People want a better way to do laundry that doesn’t involve planet killing waste, excessive transportation emissions and bulky inconvenience. We have been able to fill that void with a product that addresses those issues head on. This is also just the beginning of a collection of products that will dominate the kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms in change-maker’s homes across the globe.”

With a current customer base of 175,000 returning subscribers and purchasers, Tru Earth has grown every month since its inception and so far, customers have purchased enough laundry strips to keep nearly 2-million plastic jugs out of landfills. The Tru Earth team considers those customers to be environmental “change-makers” and the real heroes of the story. The company is also committed to giving back and to date has donated well over 2-million loads of laundry to vulnerable families in Canada, the United States and as a part of an international shipment to Ghana (watch a short video about this event).

Company co-founders, Brad Liski, Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton have each played important, defined roles in Tru Earth’s success. With Liski as CEO, McKenzie oversees customer development and marketing while Hinton has built and manages the IT platform that is core to the company’s customer interactions. According to Canadian Business, that entrepreneurism and leadership defines this year’s honorees. “The companies on the 2020 Growth List are really exceptional. Their stories are a masterclass in how to survive when the economy throws a curveball. Despite turbulence, the 2020 Growth List companies showed resilience, spirit and, most importantly, empathy and strong leadership,” says Susan Grimbly, Growth List Editor. “As we celebrate over 30 years of the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program, it’s encouraging to see that the heart of Canada’s entrepreneurial community beats strong, even in tough times.”


Our customers are the heroes.  Meet the Tru change-makers! They continue to spread the word about the changes they’ve made to lower their own carbon footprint. Our community leads by example. They are demonstrating that small changes or hinges, as Tru Earth calls them, can open big doors. Proving that one person can influence thousands of people in making simple, sustainable changes. 

Tru Earth

About Tru Earth:

Tru Earth, based in Vancouver, Canada provides global consumers with eco-friendly zero waste laundry detergent strips.  Tru Earth is disrupting the laundry industry with its bold leadership, innovation and commitment to putting the health of our planet earth first.  With the goal of reducing the environmental impact we have on our planet, one small change at a time, Tru Earth has founded the #truearthmovement which has three core values:

Simplicity. We believe little hinges swing big doors and small actions add up to big changes. We’re not perfect and we’re not asking anyone else to be. 

Empowerment: We all have the power to choose. We create products that empower people to choose sustainability, without compromising convenience.

Integrity: We will never compromise our values or cut corners to reduce costs. We will not shortchange the environment to make a profit. We will be transparent about production and ingredients. 

For more information on joining the movement or to purchase their products, please visit

ABOUT THE GROWTH LIST: For over 30 years, the Growth List ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies (formerly the Growth 500) has been Canada’s most respected and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Originally developed by PROFIT and now published in a special Growth List print issue of Canadian Business (packaged with the December issue of Maclean’s magazine) and online at and, the Growth List ranks Canadian companies on five-year revenue growth, and the Startup List ranks Canadian new growth companies on two-year revenue growth. For more information on the ranking, visit

ABOUT CANADIAN BUSINESS: Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving business publication in the country. It has fuelled the success of Canada’s business elite and, through the Growth List ranking, celebrates leadership, innovation, business strategy and management tactics. Learn more at

Have you tried Tru Earth’s laundry detergent strips? If so, let us know what you think.

One thought on “Tru Earth Declared Canada’s 2nd Fastest Growing Startup by Canadian Business Magazine

  1. We have trialed Tru Earth’s laundry strips for a couple weeks now and it has been quite positive. We tested the strips on multiple types of loads of a laundry from lightly to heavy soiled items. Our clothes have come out really clean with no extra residue – it was that simple. With a house hold of 5 people (including three young children) we found it a bit more effective to use two strips instead of one. Sometimes we throw in a bit of Borax for an extra boost as well. The minimal packaging makes this product worthwhile.


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