Earth Rangers new App

If you haven’t tried out the new Earth Rangers App yet, you definitely need to check it out. It is beautifully designed with fun and educational missions, podcasts, and creative interactive activities for your young conservationists.

Become an animal-saving hero with the Earth Rangers App
Introducing The Earth Rangers App

From the Earth Rangers website: The Earth Rangers App is free to download, and gives your child access to programs and features such as:

  • Over 20 fun Missions that make a real and positive impact on the environment like planting trees, battery recycling drives, conserving energy and creating butterfly gardens
  • Animal Adoptions that allow you to support real, on the ground conservation projects across Canada
  • Virtual badges, leaderboards, and rewards for almost everything you do in the app
  • Endless entertainment and inspiration through hours of educational videos and thousands of fascinating articles about animals and the environment
  • Easy access to the award-winning Earth Rangers podcast
  • Points-based levelling system that allows you to journey through different habitats, unlocking cool animal facts along the way
  • Customizable avatars that allow you to create your own virtual identity
  • Free membership card and welcome package sent by mail when you complete your membership sign-up
Screenshot from Earth Rangers website

Learn more about the app and the Earth Rangers organization at:

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