2020 Green Communities Award Winners Announced

23 June 2020 – The 2020 GC Awards were announced at Green Communities Canada’s (GCC) Annual General Meeting, 22 June. The awards recognize the many champions who work and volunteer with GCC and its member organizations.

Award winners:

Green Community Member of the Year – Green Venture, Hamilton, ON

Green Community Member of the Year honours go to Green Venture, celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the years, Green Venture has launched hundreds of programs, partnered with countless organizations, and engaged directly with more than 500,000 students, homeowners, and area resident to deliver programs that improve the earth and the local environment.

In 2020 Green Venture welcomed new Executive Director Giuliana Casimirri, established new partnerships, and undertook an extensive re-visioning process, all positioning Green Venture to continue to build programs that empower Hamiltonians to live greener lifestyles and become climate champions.

Check out Green Venture Hamilton’s videos on YouTube. Here is a video below about rainwater harvesting.

Award criteria

This award is for an organization that demonstrates innovation in programming, partnerships and marketing, and successful local community (businesses, households) or broader transformation (policy, government).

Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award – Clifford Maynes, founding and former Executive Director, Green Communities Canada

Clifford Maynes is a dedicated leader in the Canadian environmental movement. For more than 25 years he has “walked the talk”, and led with intelligence and kindness while inspiring change.

In 1995, Clifford brought together an informal network of Ontario-based community organizations to launch the Green Communities Association. Over the years he welcomed environmental groups from across the country into the fold to create our national organization.

Clifford’s work has always blended environmental action with social justice. Among his many accomplishments was spearheading a national campaign to tackle energy poverty. It culminated in a $500 million program to retrofit Canada’s low income households.

Clifford’s tireless efforts have made GCC a recognized leader in home energy efficiency, water protection, and walkability, and have well-positioned GCC to move into the future.

Award criteria

This award is for an individual who demonstrates through work and achievements a lifetime contribution to improving the environment.

Outstanding Staff Person Award – Patrick Gilbride, Reep Green Solutions, Kitchener, ON

Patrick is a quiet and thoughtful superstar, who builds trust and partnerships by developing opportunities. He is highly-skilled at recognizing possibilities and solving challenges and was recently appointed Associate Director of Reep.

Among his many accomplishments, Patrick is the driving force behind Reep’s Bloom {in} Box program. When he saw how difficult it was for Kitchener-Waterloo residents to source native garden plants, Patrick found local vendors and put together an all-in- one garden kit of 15 native plants. This year, close to 200 boxes were sold. Patrick and his team plotted the most efficient routes that would emit the least amount of greenhouse gases and then hand-delivered each one.

Patrick is also well-known and respected within the GCC community for his work on multi-partner projects.

Award criteria

This award is for a staff person who has demonstrated through his/her work and achievements the strongest commitment to a Green Community, bringing about positive change and impact to the organization.

Youth Engagement Award – Peel Environmental Youth Alliance, Ecosource, Mississauga, ON

The Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA) is a regional network of youth dedicated to acting on local environmental issues. PEYA is guided by a student Executive Committee and supported by Ecosource.

PEYA delivers workshops and two large-scale events each year. In 2019, PEYA engaged over 1,400 youth who completed almost 3,400 hours of volunteer work.

Drawing on international momentum, PEYA recently launched the Youth for Climate Action program. It’s a workshop and event series that encourages intergenerational conversations on climate change with a focus on local solutions.

Learn more about the story of PEYA and some of their highlights from 2016-2017 in the video below:

Award criteria

This award is for a member that excels at engaging youth in programming, not only in school specific programming, but also in day camps and other organizational programming.

Outstanding Board Person – Michael Wood, Reep Green Solutions, Kitchener, ON

Reep Green Solutions Board Chair Michael Wood has shown exceptional leadership in guiding the organization though both calm and stormy waters.

Michael brings the right balance of get-down-to-work and take-time-to-laugh to his role as Chair. He seeks and recognizes everyone’s contributions, and ensures the Board is productive and collegial.

Michael also actively supports Reep staff. Executive Director Mary Jane Patterson especially appreciates the practical and ethical perspective he brings to all endeavors and interactions.

During these challenging times, Reep couldn’t be in better hands.

Award criteria

This award is for a board member who has demonstrated through his/her work and achievements the strongest commitment to a Green Community providing exceptional stewardship to the organization.

Resilience Awards

Given to Green Community member organizations that have continued to succeed despite challenges, thanks to a host of qualities including flexibility and adaptation, and have reached a milestone in longevity.

GCC also recognized staff and board members who have reached significant milestones in years of service.

20 years

Kevin Hunt, Green Venture Board, Hamilton, ON

GCC salutes this year’s winners. Winners receive a certificate and bragging rights for the year.


Green Communities Canada is a national umbrella group for community-based environmental non-profit organizations. We offer an action oriented approach to environmental concerns and get results by providing trusted advice and workable solutions.

One thought on “2020 Green Communities Award Winners Announced

  1. We worked with Clifford Maynes way back in 2009 re-syndicating GC News (Green Communities Canada Newsletter) throughout our network…..such passion and endless enthusiasm. Congrats Clifford on the lifetime achievement.


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