Climate Change and Canadians: New Public Opinion Research by EcoAnalytics

On February 14, 2018 (1-2 pm ET)Sustainability Network & EcoAnalytics will host a webinar about new climate action policies and how Canadians’ attitudes and beliefs change about climate.

The webinar, presented by the Université de Montréal’s Dr. Erick Lachapelle and James Boothroyd of EcoAnalytics, evaluates these federal policies and the most powerful narrative frames to engage Canadians on the important issues surrounding climate change.

Presenters will answer these questions by using information from the results and analysis of EcoAnalytics’ latest Climate of Change Survey (Oct. 2017).

EcoAnalytics is an ambitious cooperative research initiative launched in 2016 on behalf of a coalition of leading Canadian ENGOs, committed to strengthening Canada’s environmental movement.

The Sustainability Network works with environmental non-profits to make them more effective and efficient and strengthen their leadership for collective action, as Canada’s leading hub for convening, advising and mobilizing the environmental non-profit community.

Click here for more information and to register.


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