The Story of Building Ontario’s Bruce Trail

Toronto – The famous Bruce Trail, Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath, snakes its way all the way from Niagara’s wine country to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula,  at Tobermory.

Stretching almost 900 kilometres, with roughly 400 kilometres of side trails, the trail offers magnificent hikes along forested cliffs and valleys of the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The best way to experience the Bruce Trail is to hike it, but you should also take a look at Trail to the Bruce: The Story of the Building of the Bruce Trail — a new book that describes the history of its creation, through extensive work by conservationists, volunteers and local residents in communities throughout its route.

Written by David Tyson, past President of the Toronto Bruce Trail Club, and with forwards from Robert Bateman and Philip Gosling, the book delves into the history of how local citizens worked together over many years to make this cherished trail a reality.

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