Bluefin documentary to premiere in Toronto this month

Toronto – On December 19, Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema will premiere the documentary Bluefin, part of Hot Docs’ Films Changing the World series.

Directed by John Hopkins and shot off North Lake, Prince Edward Island, the film unravels the unsettling mystery of why normally wary bluefin tuna no longer fear humans, using stunning cinematography to tell the story.

“Bluefin will turn everything you thought you knew about these incredible giants on its tail,” says Hopkins. “It’s really the first film that sees an ocean fish as the wild animal it is, a thousand-pound warm-blooded giant with gills that wholesales at up to a million dollars.”

Featuring slow-motion underwater shots of bluefin tuna, the film says as much about the tragic state of the human condition as it does about the tuna. For years, tuna have been completely off our radar, says Hopkins, because we are wired to think of them only as food, not extraordinary wildlife.

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