New storybook inspires youth to care for Canadian waterways

Toronto – Youth across Canada are being urged to sign up the Great Water Challenge, a program from Waterlution.

Led by youth, for youth, the Great Waters Challenge engages grades 4-12 to learn about water in their community. Through open-ended water education questions, the challenge allows young and youth to uncover many reasons to celebrate water.

The challenge has engaged more than 4000 youth in Canada, increasing their awareness of the importance of water and sparking local leadership to preserve this invaluable resource.

The challenge also features Canada’s Great Water Adventure–a book of stories written by dedicated volunteers, and illustrated by a young emerging artist. To order your copy the book or to support the Great Waters Challenge, please visit:

“Working on the book gave me ideas for facilitating water discussions with students who are playing the Great Waters Challenge throughout Canada,” says Dorothy Graham, a co-author of Canada’s Great Water Adventure.

The storybook was written to inspire children through content that sparks an interest in water and outdoor adventures. It’s a story about curiosity, a desire to learn, connections with nature and water, and a deeper respect for all cultures and traditions on this land, from indigenous peoples of Canada to newcomers.

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