Online Training on Economic Literacy for a Green Economy

Toronto – The Sustainability Network has opened registration for an online training course based on the very successful workshop series they have delivered in Toronto over the past two years.

The training takes a case-based approach to address key economic concepts, their assumptions, key measures and gaps, and their strengths and limitations.

Participants will learn about the latest innovations in the field that are relevant to a green economy:

  • Assessing the strengths and limits of markets
  • Valuing unpriced environmental benefits and damages
  • Rewarding pro-environmental behaviour
  • Reconciling trade-offs to inform public decisions
  • (Re)defining economic progress and sustainability
  • Reorienting the economy for the 21st Century

Learn at your own pace, in your preferred setting, with specially developed video tutorials and quizzes plus live one-on-one coaching from a professional economist. No prior knowledge or experience in economics is necessary.

The instructor of the program, Eric Miller, is a consulting ecological economist and contract faculty at York University. He has experience serving the Ontario and Federal governments as a public servant and has helped hundreds of students through his teaching of undergraduate and graduate students at York University and Queen’s University. Eric earned economic degrees from York University and McMaster and a biology degree from Carleton.

Registration is now open and the course begins anytime after March 1, 2017. Early registration is advantageous to ensure a spot and if you are interested in one of the limited number of discounted ENGO spots in the course.

The Environmental Literacy Project is funded by the Ivey Foundation and supported by the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE).

For information on the Project or the course specifically, please visit:

Economic Literacy Project

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