Permaculture Design Certificate in Frelighsburg – August 7-20

Frelighsburg – The PDC program follows the internationally recognized curriculum provided by Bill Mollison. During this course, we will observe and follow the natural principles that drive ecological systems. We will learn, through both theory and hands-on practice, how to integrate these principles in designing our lives, homes, lands, and communities.

Upon completion of this course, you will obtain your Permaculture Design Certificate. This certification will allow you to pursue a permaculture diploma and give you the fundamentals to begin integrating permaculture principles into your career, life, endeavours or enterprise.

This course is held on a 268-acre domain equipped with a private lake, a beautiful little river with a small waterfall, all of which is located 1km from the sacred Abenaki mountain of Mont Pinacle (visible from the house) and 3km away from the charming village core of Frelighsburg, QC. It is 5km away from the Vermont border and thus, easily accessible for our neighbours to the South. The property has a small apple orchard area with 4 different kinds of apples trees growing. The land is partially forested with 2 long walking trails and partly cleared (about 5 acres) for 2 organic agricultural projects.

​The property enjoys lots of sunshine and privacy. And there is a fire pit area with seating and picnic tables. The host will provide some farming tools to share with the participants and you are welcome to bring yours also. There is a canoe and kayak for early morning boating on the lake and there is also the possibility of a small sweat spot near the lake for our PDC guests in August. Our family is thrilled to be sharing our seed farm and indigenous gardening spaces with you!

Introduction, ethics, principles
Concepts, methods and themes in design
Observation of systems and pattern recognition
Climates and micro-climates
Water systems
Trees and their energy transactions
Soil systems
Humid cool climates
Humid tropics
Aquaculture, aquaponics and mariculture
Alternative strategies for a global nation

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