Sharing the Range with Grizzly Bears

Image from Waterton Biosphere Reserve

Pincher Creek – The southwestern corner of Alberta is home to a large number of farmers and ranchers, but it’s also home to a high population density of bears. With so many people and carnivores sharing the same habitat, there are bound to be conflicts.

To shed some much-needed light on the issue, the Waterton Biosphere Reserve has released of a short film, called Sharing the Range, that tells the story about the challenges of living with large carnivores and how we can those challenges.

“We have bears in all this country; lots of sows with little cubs,” says rancher Jeff Bectell, who also Chairs the Reserve’s Carnivore Working Group. “They’ve denned near here — so it’s not just in the mountains and not just on public lands that we are seeing a lot of grizzly bears. It’s on private lands all over the place.”

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Leanne Allison, Sharing the Range offers a glimpse into the lives of farm and ranch families who share the land with large carnivores, and some of the challenges they face every day; challenges that impact both their livelihood and the safety of their families. Despite these challenges, southwestern Alberta families are working hard to solve these problems and to coexists with animals like bears and wolves.

Sharing the Range tells their story: real people who work hard to produce healthy food in a sustainable way that allows room for large carnivores to roam.

Watch the film trailer:

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