SFU Student Coalition Hosts “Reinvest in our Future” Week

Reinvest in Our FutureBurnaby – Students and faculty will be collaborating on climate solutions at Simon Fraser University from March 23 to 27 as part of Reinvest in our Future, a week-long series of workshops, panels and discussions focused on creating a just and green future.

This project is organized by a coalition of student organizations including SFU350, Sustainable SFU, the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group and the Wilderness Committee.

These events shine a light on the future of energy promoted and invested in by Simon Fraser University. Reinvest in Our Future was organized in anticipation of SFU’s release of its financial custodial reports in April, and will result in the creation of documents to be taken to SFU’s Board of Governors.

“It is no coincidence that as a university with a mandate to engage the world, SFU’s students are holding the university accountable for its impact on the world and encouraging solution-based discussions,” said Jessie Russell, a Sustainable SFU board member. “Collectively, we invite SFU to Reinvest in Our Future.”

“The SFU community needs to dialogue about important, relevant issues like divestment, the relationship between climate change and health and the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project. In the absence of consultation from Kinder Morgan or the university, student leaders are stepping up to create the space for these conversations for other students and the SFU community,” said Tesicca Truong, the SFSS Environment Representative.

The week kicks off today with a dialogue led by the Wilderness Committee to explore students’ visions for a green energy future, as well as the university’s role in helping to create that future.

“As we face the impacts of climate destabilization, our federal government has demonstrated an embarrassing lack of leadership on climate action. Our university’s failure to meaningfully investigate divestment both reflects and feeds into this,” said Tony Nguyen, president of SFU350. “As the immediate inheritors of this planet, we’re organizing to question this arrangement and to demand answers.”

Reinvest in Our Future is meant to be a catalyst for the climate movement at SFU. The week will include issue-based workshops, Kinder Morgan pipeline hearing strategy sessions and creative skills-based training. It will also provide opportunities for students and faculty members to share their stories and develop plans to get SFU to commit to removing its $367 million endowment from fossil fuel investments.

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