P3 Permaculture

Passionate about bringing permaculture to a wider audience? So are we!

At P3 our vision is to make permaculture more accessible. To help make this happen we are seeking knowledgeable facilitators to give occasional hands-on and/or theory-based workshops on topics related to ecological design. Examples include (but are by no means limited to!) window farming, food/agroforestry, seed balls, herb spirals, self watering garden bins, mushroom cultivation, and detoxifying the home with plants.

If you have expertise in permaculture or permaculture related topics, we’d love to hear from you! Please send your CV to share@p3permaculture.ca and specify which topic(s) you are interesting in facilitating. If you would like to propose a new topic to develop a workshop on, please include a brief (5 – 6 sentence) summary of your proposed workshop.

The rate of pay for our workshop facilitators is $15 – $20/hour, and workshop scheduling is very flexible.

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