Whiteshell Provincial Park protected in Manitoba

Winnipeg – Environmental groups are applauding the Manitoba government for adding a huge area of protected lands and waters to Whiteshell Provincial Park, one of Manitoba’s most popular and cherished provincial parks.

“This is exactly what Manitobans want and deserve – nature and wild waterways protected,” said Eric Reder, campaign director for the Wilderness Committee. “Wilderness is a wonderful gift for the future.”

The announcement adds part of the Whitemouth River watershed to Whiteshell Provincial Park. The Whitemouth River is the cleanest river in southern Manitoba.

Also, a large portion of Whiteshell Park around Meditation Lake has been given legislated protection under a new Land Use Category, which safeguards the area from industrial threats. Like many parks in Manitoba, Whiteshell Provincial Park is divided into different Land Use Categories. The Resource Management (RM) category is the archaic category that still allows industrial activity like logging and mining to occur within our parks.

“Manitobans said loud and clear that they wanted the Meditation Lake and Horseshoe Lake area left alone,” said Reder. “We’re happy to finally see the region protected.”

Eliminating the Resource Management Land Use Category in provincial parks, says the Wilderness Committee, will eliminate destructive industrial activities like logging and mining inside parks.