Expats in Canada go green to get involved

By Sam Malone

When one thinks of the green movement, the mind instantly forms an image of hippies around a camp fire, singing songs about Mother Earth and flower power.

Today, however, eco-friendliness has become a major estuary of the mainstream. The advanced social awareness of the hippie culture laid the pavement for a modern world that has seen a conjunction between the quaint hobbit-hole of Bilbo Baggins and the towering skyscrapers of the metropolitan landscape. Businesses all over the world have taken advantage of the green roof, a garden oasis atop a building, allowing their employees to find some semblance of peace above the hustle and bustle of the city.

As all things “green” become more and more popular, eco-activities and events have also begun to offer a new way for expats living abroad in Canada to network and get involved in their new communities.

Below is a shortlist of just some of the ways expats are going green:

Urban Gardening – With groups all over Canada, urban gardening is one of the most popular eco-activities worldwide. It is the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers in unlikely urban spaces. The benefits are almost innumerable and include networking, educating yourself and saving a few bucks on food you would normally buy in supermarkets.

Attending Events – Canada is one of the world centres for ecological events and they occur all year around—from hawking your homegrown wares to helping organize events. Fun days out like the Growing Green Sustainability Festival in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, are a brilliant means to meet friendly and interesting like-minded folk.

Guerrilla Gardening – Moving over to the more delicate side of the law, guerrilla gardeners do not have strict rights to the land but make use of usually dilapidated public spaces to beautify the cosmopolitan landscape or protest against industrialization. Guerrilla Gardening is a form of activism that is not only of great importance but also produces some of the most awesome results known to man. Adam Purple’s one time Garden of Eden in Manhattan is just one example.

Intercultural Gardening – This activity is a means to promote intercultural acceptance for foreign peoples to settle in. Moreover, with so many expats choosing to relocate to Canada, Intercultural Gardening is a great way to meet other people who share an experience.

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