Tree Identification Tour

Edible-Tour_08-23-14Join a LEAF arborist for an exploration of the Don Valley Brick Works site, at this LEAF tree tour from 11am-12pm on August 9.

Learn to recognize not only leaves, but bark, twigs, buds, needles, and cones, to help you identify local native trees. Learn which features to look for, and how to use an identification key to narrow down your identification from genus to species.

Enjoy the beauty and diversity of the trees gracing the natural environment at the Don Valley Brick Works Park. Presented in partnership with the City of Toronto – Parks Forestry and Recreation.

Meet at Brickworks Ambassador tent at the southwest corner of the site (near the Weston Family Quarry sign)

Tour Leaders: Brenna Anstett, ISA-Certified Arborist, LEAF

Accessibility Info: boardwalks, gravel paths, some rough ground, stairs

For more information, visit:

City of Toronto Event Listing:

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