Biking and hiking for Green Teams of Canada

Lyda Salatian removing invasive plants. (Image from Green Teams of Canada)
Lyda Salatian removing invasive plants. (Image from Green Teams of Canada)

Victoria – This summer, Lyda Salatian will be trekking throughout the mountains and valleys of BC and Alberta in an effort to support her budding environmental charity, Green Teams of Canada.

Starting from Victoria, Salatian is cycling all the way to Calgary, then hiking roughly 300 kilometres in July and August, some of it up BC’s higher peaks.

Salatian’s journey actually started early in 2011 when she decided to take a risk and start something new. She organized a group of volunteers in BC’s Lower Mainland who together removed invasive plants, planted native plants and trees, and picked up litter. That grassroots group, called the Lower Mainland Green Team, made a positive impact on local ecosystems throughout the area.

After three years working locally, Salatian has set her sights nationwide. In October 2013, she created Green Teams of Canada, a registered charity, with plans of building green teams all over BC and eventually across Canada.

Green Teams of Canada seeks to connect people to nature, create community, and to learn in a hands-on way. Without a doubt, that same philosophy will be driving Salatian throughout her trip this summer.

You can support the effort by visiting the Green Teams of Canada website.

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