Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement launches new campaign featuring giant boreal map


Ottawa – The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) Secretariat launched its On the Move campaign with the unveiling of a giant map of the boreal forest that will tour Canada to showcase the unprecedented Agreement between the forest industry and environmental organizations.

“The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement is the largest conservation initiative of its kind in the world. It’s only fitting you should have a large canvas to illustrate it,” said CBFA Executive Director Aran O’Carroll. “The map really helps illustrate what the Agreement is about, which is the challenge of ensuring the conservation of Canada’s boreal forest for future generations, as well as ensuring forest industries and the communities that rely upon them for their livelihoods have a sustainable future.”

The CBFA and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) have partnered to create The Boreal Project: A Uniquely Canadian Enterprise, which includes the design and creation of this spectacular, unique 8- by 11-metre map, and a program to educate school children and the public.

“The map shows many different aspects of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, including its role as home to Canada’s remaining woodland caribou, the location of hundreds of lumber mills and surrounding towns and communities, and the different interactions between the Aboriginal and forest-dependent communities,” said RCGS Chief Executive Officer John Geiger. “It is an incredible educational tool and work of art.”

O’Carroll and Geiger made their comments at a press conference at the Canadian Museum of Nature, where the giant, traveling map was displayed. It beautifully illustrates in incredibly precise detail the boreal forest, caribou habitat, the forestry industry and communities that rely upon it, and the areas where the CBFA applies.

Signed May 18, 2010, the CBFA ushered in a new era in conservation and resource management.

Signatories to the CBFA include the Forestry Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and its 19 member companies, and seven leading Canadian environmental non-government organizations. It applies to more than 73 million hectares of public forests licensed to FPAC member companies across Canada.

Following its debut in Ottawa, the map will travel nationwide visiting schools and other organizations over the next year.


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