Fundraising Ideas, Summer Camp, Organic Waste, Fake Anti-Wind Protesters – GCNews #813

813: 8 April 2013 – Published by Green Communities Canada

RAIN! See Water Canada Magazine article about how user fees and credit system helps Kitchener pay for its municipal stormwater system. Rain barrels, rain gardens, prmeable pavers (as well as cisterns and infiltration galleries) qualify for stormwater credits … RAIN! featured in insert … REEP Green Solutions is coordinating aregion-wide rain barrel distribution blitz in Waterloo Region: goal is to distribute1000 barrels in one day. 27 April.

WILD AGM. Green Calgary celebrates Earth Day with its Annual General Meeting and an inspiring keynote presentationGoing Wild, by local naturalist celebrity. 24 April.

GMO. Green Action Centre promotes National Day of Action to Stop GMO Alfalfa, 9 April … Online documentaryThe World According to Monsanto reports many controversies surrounding the use and promotion of genetically modified seeds, polychlorinated biphenyls, Agent Orange, and bovine growth hormone by Monsanto.

ORGANIC WASTE. Green Calgary staff Heather Robertson presents The Ins and Outs of Composting at Earth Matters’ Environmental Education Conference. Canmore, 25-27 April … GreenUp EcoStore was featured on thefront page of local newspaper to illustrate an article about Peterborough’s organic waste collection ambitions …Green Venture will host special guest, Dave Pitt of Vermisprout, for a vermicomposting workshop as part of Doors Open Hamilton. Pre-registration required. $30, 4 May … See Green Action Centre’s newest video, How to Compost.  In three minutes, Master Composter Linda Olsen shows how easy it is to reduce waste and get some great compost for the garden.

SUMMER CAMP. Registration is open for Environment Network’s Explorations Green Summer Camp: weekly themes, outdoors cycling, swimming, river trekking, eco-art, games, connecting with the community and learning about nature. Offered to campers aged 4-14, including new program for 11-14 year olds focusing on leadership, survival skills, adventure team building, active challenge games and friendship. Those who register before 15 May get last year’s price. Daily registrations available: $40/day. 1 July-30 August.

FUNDRAISING IDEAS. Shoppers who visit Toronto mall Guest Services booth 8-12 April receive reusable bamboo bag and wildflower seedling bookmark for a $2 donation. All proceeds go to support Toronto Green Community … Popular Quebec stand-up comedian donates $1 to Equiterre  for each ticket sold to his one-man show. 29 March.

SAVING WATER. By the end of 2013, water retrofit work by Building Urban Industries for Local Development(B.U.I.L.D.) will have saved enough water to fill Manitoba’s deepest lake, says the organization, a branch of Warm Up Winnipeg.

E-VEHICLES. Windfall Ecology Centre’s Drive Electric program educates people about the benefits of choosing electric cars over gasoline ones: high school technology classes visits, community events booths, and meetings with politicians. Electric mobility in both public and personal transportation is the best pathway we have to achieve our long -term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, says Windfall executive director, Brent Kopperson … Electric vehicle owners are welcome to use Windfall Ecology Centre’s charging station, located in Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area (Aurora), any day of the week, including weekends.

FLOODINGCase Study: Permeable Pavement Eliminates Stormwater Runoff. “Water or snowmelt can infiltrate open joints and filters through various aggregate layers, removing up to 95% of the average annual post-development total suspended solids and up to 70% of the average annual post-development total phosphorus. That water eventually returns to the local groundwater system,” says Storm Water Solutions.

GREEN LIVING SHOW. CBC’s host of Power and Politics, Evan Soloman, will discuss Capitalism 2.0: Impact Investing and the Power of Business to Influence Social and Environmental Change at 2013 Green Living Business Forum. Toronto, 12 April. Forum kicks off the 7th Annual Green Living Show.

WIND PHOBIA. An Australian clinical study finds that sickness being attributed to windmills is more likely to have been caused by people getting alarmed at the health warnings circulated by anti-wind activists … Seereport Fright factors about wind turbines and health in Ontario newspapers before and after the Green Energy Act … Fake protesters were offered $20 to stand at anti-wind energy rally, 30 January 2013.  In 2012, US coal groups paid astroturfers $50 to wear pro-coal T-shirts at an Environmental Protection Agency hearing.

GREEN CONDOS. See Toronto Atmospheric Fund‘s Power of Green Condo Retrofit Guide and case studies of condominium and apartment buildings that have taken action to reduce their energy bills. “Payments for gas, electricity and water can account for 40% or more of your building’s ongoing operating costs. That makes utility bills easily the largest controllable expense for your condo corporation” … All of San Diego EcoLuxury Apartments’ electricity is generated by the sun. Garages are pre-wired for electric vehicle charging and in-home Virtual Net Metering displays monitors kilowatt usage.

WALLS VS CARS. Green walls may cut pollution in cities, says National Geographic article. “Biogeochemist created a computer model of a green wall with generic vegetation in a Western European city. Then recorded chemical reactions based on a variety of factors, such as wind speed and building placement […] A green wall in a street canyon trapped or absorbed large amounts of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, both pollutants harmful to people.”

ALGAE LIGHT. Streetlight powered by algae absorbs CO2 from the air and takes out one ton of CO2 per year. This is as much CO2 as as a tree absorbs on average during its entire life.

JOBS. Environment Network has two positions: Explorations Green Day Camp Counsellor and After School Youth Program Facilitator/The Crew. Collingwood, no due date … Town of Creston (BC),  Water Smart Ambassador (Summer Student).  No due date … Live Green Environmental Consultants,  Lead Environmental Assessment Specialist-Engineer. Ottawa, no due date … Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society (BC),Coordinator. Due 15 April … Ministry of Environment, Section Head-Environmental Management. Prince George, BC, no due date … Society for Ecological Restoration BC Chapter, Website/Social Media Coordinator.  No due date.

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