Let’s Do Local – University of Saskatchewan – September 24-29

Let’s Do Local is an event promoting and highlighting both on and off campus sustainability initiatives at the University of Saskatchewan. The following activities are being initiated by the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union:

Monday, September 24

  • Crafting Hour #1 (10am-11am the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel) – Teaching students how to make a few varieties of an all-purpose homemade cleaner. Students will be provided with materials and will be able to take the cleaner home with them at the end of the crafting lesson.
  • Here Comes the Sun: Solar Energy Research (1pm-2pm the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel) – Current projections estimate that global power consumption will double over the next 25 – 50 years, creating problems with respect to both energy security and global warming. While photovoltaic devices represent an attractive solution to this problem, devices built using silicon-based technology are expensive to produce, limiting their potential. This presentation will show how solar energy fits into the overall picture of global energy resources, and how organic solar cells – those based on polymers and small molecules – can provide cost-effective alternatives to silicon-based devices. The fabrication procedures for these organic solar cells will be described, along with different strategies for improving their power conversion efficiency.
  • Building and Using Vermicomposters (4pm-5pm ISSAC training room) – This active presentation teaches you about compost ecology and food waste reduction. Participants will be making one compost and having a draw for it at the end of the workshop, however, if you want to bring your own 37L rubbermaid bin you can make one for your home! Worms will be provided.

Tuesday, September 25

  • Radiance Cohousing Presentation (12:30pm-1:30pm G3): Cohousing is an emerging style of intentional community, and Radiance Cohousing in Saskatoon making it happen. They are coming to introduce the concept, provide information, answer questions and help people rethink conventional housing. For more information, consult their website:
  • Straw Bale Housing (1pm-2pm the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel): Geography Professor Bert Weichel will be giving a presentation on straw bale housing. As someone who built and lives in a straw bale house, he will go through the process of building the house and the upkeep of it. He will also be answering any questions on it and talking about why straw bale houses should be seen as a valid eco-friendly housing alternative.
  • Paddock Wood Presentation and Beer Tasting (4pm-6pm in Louis’ Pub) – A representative from Saskatoon’s first microbrewery, Paddock Wood, will be speaking about starting up a small business, specifically a brewery, and will go through their beers providing samples and information about the flavours and creation of each beer.

Wednesday, September 26

  • Fresh n’ Local (2:30pm-3:20pm – the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel) – Local entrepreneur Curtis Coleman started up his own business, Fresh n’ Local, as a means to provide farm-fresh produce and sustainably-sourced groceries right to his customers’ doors. He incorporated sustainable values and business practices since the company’s inception and as the name implies keeps the food local and fresh by sourcing from local farmers. Fresh n’ Local also offsets its carbon emissions with eco-friendly deliveries.
  • Celebrate Local Food (1pm-2pm in ISSAC Training Room) – In Havana Cuba, it is estimated that 90% of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the city are grown within the city! Agreed, they have a 365 day growing season, but that is still an amazing feat. Saskatoon may not be anywhere near the 90% mark, but we have come a long way in recent years. This presentation will talk about growing food within urban settings, highlighting the potential we have to produce food in the city. Presented by Grant Wood, a Professor in the Agriculture Department, who recently introduced a new course: Urban Food Production.
  • Crafting Hour #2 (11am-12pm – the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel) – Pinterest always has all of these fantastic and cool crafts on their website, well this is your opportunity to do one! We will be working with materials such as old wine bottles and tin cans to upcycle them into something beautiful! Come join, materials will be provided.
  • Campus Sustainability Biking Tour (3:30pm-5:30pm) – Participants will meet outside of the Geology Building to embark on a tour of various sustainability related projects such as the campus recycling centre, edible gardens, McKweon Park Community Garden and Law Addition Green Roof.

Thursday, September 27

  • Museo Coffee Presentation and Tasting (11:00 a.m.-1 2:30 p.m. the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel) – Jimmy, owner of Museo Coffee Roasters will be explaining what makes Museo Coffee and Espresso so different from competitors. Museo’s beans are high quality and ethically sourced, and the company is a perfect example of an entirely sustainable project. Jimmy will take participants on a tasting journey, helping them discover what good coffee and espresso is supposed to taste like.
  • Achieving Local Sustainability (2pm-3pm – the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, in Place Riel) – The Sask Eco Network will be looking at what our possible sustainable future could look like, the challenges we’re facing in achieving sustainability and utilizing various case studies from communities around the world to showcase what we could do in Saskatoon and other communities in Saskatchewan.

Friday, September 28

  • Pineview Farms: All Natural (1pm-2:30pm – the Roy Romanow Student Council Chambers, in Place Riel) – Pineview Farms is a local small-scale family farm that cares passionately about the quality of food they produce. They are whole-heartedly dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices into their farming practices and educating people on how food is produced and where it comes from. Melanie Boldt of Pineview Farms will be speaking about how the Pineview Farms’ business model works, how Pineview Farm connects with customers, and the challenges and benefits of buying local.

Saturday, September 29

  • Free Cooking Class (1:30pm-3pm in Marquis Hall): Chef’s from Marquis Hall will be teaching 15 students how to cook several different recipes using seasonal and local ingredients. Students will learn four different recipes in an hour and a half and will be able to take what they make home with them (see below for menu). This lesson is open to students who can cook and those who want to learn. It will take place in the Marquis Hall kitchen. Apply to vpstudentaffairs@ussu.ca with information on any dietary restrictions. Menu: Homemade hummus with pita bread; Quinoa, roasted beet, and goat cheese salad; Butternut squash and apple soup; and Sour cherry dessert.


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