2nd Annual Zero Waste Conference 2012 – Rethinking Waste Management… the Design Difference

Official logo of Metro Vancouver
Official logo of Metro Vancouver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Metro Vancouver invites government, businesses and citizens to attend the 2nd Annual Zero Waste Conference 2012 – Rethinking Waste Management… the Design Difference, taking place Friday, September 14th from 9:00 to 3:30 at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East).

Every year Canadians create 26 million tonnes of garbage. As the economic and environmental costs of our waste grow, people are starting to ask some hard questions about the stuff that we make, how we make it and where it goes when we’re done with it.

What if our stuff was never “thrown out”? What if we could “design” our way out?

Please join us in taking a second look (or possibly a third or fourth one) at the crucial impact of design on our waste and our economy.

Encouraging action: going beyond recycling
Good design of products and systems would allow our stuff to be “upcycled” – turned into something new or of higher value. Three workshops will look at how we can best deal with organics and wood and improve the design of products and packaging.

Stimulating social change: making our ideas work in the real world
Expert speakers on behaviour change and product lifecycle design will discuss concrete ways to change our actions and thinking around waste. Being right is a starting point, but how do we move our society forward from there?

Design challenge: change your thinking, change your design, change your economy
Three innovative design teams won’t just be thinking outside the box – they’ll be redesigning it entirely during the conference. In a real-time, visible design challenge they’ll have six hours to make an everyday item cooler and smarter than it’s ever been before. The implications are huge: what would a waste-free economy look like?
Rethinking Waste Management… the Design Difference. Not your usual conference.

Register and Find out more at: metrovancouver.org/zwc

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