Green Yard Consultations, Senate Report, Clay Shrinks – GCNews #782

782: 23 July 2012 – Published by Green Communities Canada

NEW E.D. reThink Green has a new Executive Director, James Morin. James was a Senior Account Manager and Residential Mortgage Specialist at RBC, and has an MBA from Laurentian University.  Former ED Tamara Gagnon is now pursuing artistic endeavours.

AWARDS. The School Food Action Coalition project, of which EcoSource is a member, received a Golden Achievement Award from National School Public Relations Association … EcoSuperior former Well Aware Guide and still-active volunteer Jane Oldale was recently recognized with an award from the Lake Superior Binational Forum.

SENATE REPORT. Canada should be a global leader in energy efficiency, according to a new report from the Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources. See Press releasereport and CBC coverage. The report notes that Canadians are amongst the largest per capita energy consumers in the world … Save money, create jobs: So what’s the problem?, asks Environmental Defence in new study that looks at the economic impacts of greater investment in energy efficiency in four provinces … Clean Energy Canada’s Towards a Clean Energy Accord is a collaboratively developed discussion paper that explains how and why a Canadian energy strategy can accelerate the nation’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

SURVEY. Citizens, businesses and organizations can respond to Standing Committee on Finance’s Survey Questions for the Pre-budget Consultations 2012 (for 2013-14 Fiscal Year) before 3 August.

GREEN YARD CONSULTATIONS. Green Calgary’s new Green Yard Consults include: site evaluation, installation of rain barrel, and instructions on using and caring for the barrel. Consults last about an hour and cost $45 plus tax.  “If everyone in Calgary used just one rain barrel, we could divert over 45 million gallons of water away from the storm system during every one-inch rainfall!” … A green home stager helps increase resale value of homes by greening them.

SUMMER PROGRAM. EcoSuperior offers a free one-hour program to teach children aged 5-10 about their environmental footprint. Activities include: We use HOW much water? Shrinking Lake Survival Challenge; The story of Sandy’s Incredible Shrinking Footprint; and Household Water Use Relay.

FIRST STEPP. Students of Brandon Energy Efficiency Program (a program of Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation) helped build the first ever STEPP (Solutions To End Poverty Permanently) house. It will be sold to a successful applicant family in need of affordable housing, with the proceeds from the sale of the home used to finance construction of a second home, and so on. The goal of STEPP is to remove financial barriers for low-income individuals who seek home ownership by securing a mortgage based on construction price.

SUSTAINABLE ECO-TOUR. reThink Green created Earth Month festivities, including Sudbury’s first annual Sustainable Eco-Tour.

CLIMATE FUNDING. Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador’s Climate Change Education Centre’s Youth Engagement Funding Initiative is a program designed to provide funding/support to students in Newfoundland and Labrador who wish to pursue academic endeavors relating to climate change.  Students/classes may apply for up to a maximum of $2000, to further enhance existing climate change initiatives or to begin development of a new project … Record heat wave, drought and catastrophic wildfires are convincing a wide swath of Americans that global temperatures are rising. In the four months since March there has been a jump in U.S. citizens’ belief that climate change is taking place. In a poll taken in July, 70% of respondents said they think the climate is changing, compared with 65% in a similar poll in March.

NEW MICROFIT RULES. Ontario Power Authority posted final microFIT Program rules, contract and other program document, says Windfall Solar.  OPA is now accepting applications from both existing and new applicants.

SOCIAL FACING. Network for Good offers Nonprofit 911: A Beginner’s Guide to Google+ webinar: How to grow your presence through Search + Your World, How to use Hangouts/Hangouts on Air to revolutionize and humanize your message, How to get the most out of Google+. 24 July

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS. Applications from individuals of all backgrounds and experiences are open for Ontario’s Inaugural Fellowship Program, School for Social Entrepreneurs.  Due 15 August.

CROWDFUNDING. Crowdfunding websites are online venues where people donate money to bankroll everything from theatre productions to book projects. Ex:  New York group In Our Back Yard crowdfunds local environmental projects, from chicken coops to sewage monitoring.

CLAY SHRINKS. Residents across the American Midwest and South are feeling the drought in their own homes as foundations shift in dried-up soil.

POWERFUL ANTI-LITTER IMAGE.  See heart-wrenching picture of turtle growing while trapped in a 6-pack plastic ring. An effective anti-littering image!

JOBS. Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority, Environmental Technician. Due 26 July … City of Mississauga, Natural Areas Assistant.. Due 29 July.

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