Troc-Exchange explores the virtues of collaborative consumption

Vancouver – Troc-Exchange, a Vancouver-based online business that connects communities for trading or swapping goods, has announced the launch of its values-driven bartering website with hopes of reinventing the way we consume.

Christine and Yvan Saché were inspired to create in Paris, after seeing that unsustainable lifestyles were increasingly causing stress in their beautiful city. When they were no longer able to live with the environmental issues they confronted daily, they decided to make a change and came up with the Troc-Exchange concept.

“Consumers are increasingly embracing renting, swapping, bartering goods and services,” said Yvan Saché, Co-founder. “Whether it’s signing up to a bike or car-share scheme, skill sharing, recycling or enjoying the thrill of staying in a stranger’s extra bedroom. The sustainability and cost-sharing benefits of these movements are the very foundation of our bartering website.”

Troc-Exchange exemplifies the trend toward collaborative consumption, the rapid explosion in swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting being reinvented through the latest technologies and peer-to-peer marketplaces in ways never possible before. Its an innovation that TIME Magazine claims as one of its 10 Ideas That Will Change the World.

In Vancouver, 50 percent of Troc-Exchange’s profits go to the Surfrider Foundation — an outreach program focused on reducing single-use plastics and preventing them from entering our oceans. The Surfrider Foundation also runs the Blue Water Task Force, a volunteer-based water-testing program in the Vancouver area.