Book: The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse

From – A trailer of a five-part movie “The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse” based on a book with an identical title. My name is Daniel Rirdan. I wrote the book and produced the videos. We are faced with an impending calamity that threatens to bankrupt the planetary ecosystem and with it much of the man-made world. I offer for your consideration a plan that truly goes the distance: a highly detailed, planetary-wide blueprint that lays out a new course for our technological and industrial engines. The plan is grounded in over five hundred peer-reviewed articles, communication with scores of other top experts, advanced computations, and simulations. Award-winning scientist and environmentalist author David Suzuki wrote of the newly-released book “Rirdan’s book must be read so we can follow his recommendations. We have no choice and time is terrifyingly short.”

Watch the trailer:

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