Wilderness Committee: new report on mining impacts in Manitoba

Winnipeg – The Wilderness Committee has released a new report designed to educate Manitobans about the impact mining is having on Manitoba’s parks.

The publication documents which parks have mining activity, the risks of allowing mining in parks, and the park destruction which is occurring right now. Titled Ban Mining in Manitoba Parks (pdf), the report includes original mapping of mining activity around the province, as well as new, first-hand investigative reports of park destruction from mining. It also specifically highlights the decommissioned Spruce Point Mine, operated by Hudbay Minerals in the 1980s, which is a messy scar on the land in Grass River Provincial Park.

“Manitobans get the shaft when it comes to provincial parks,” said Eric Reder, Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee. “Parks in Manitoba, unlike most jurisdictions in the world, are not protected, and mining is causing park destruction.”

The Educational Report lays out a solution to this problem: a series of actions which the Manitoba government can take to ban mining in parks. The Wilderness Committee is also calling on the Manitoba government to have the existing ecological destruction caused by mining in parks cleaned up.

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