COOL 2.0 Takes Off!

Cornish sky
Cornish sky (Photo credit: Wikipedia) – Since its launch early in 2012, COOL 2.0 has engaged many teachers and forged new partnerships. For example:

  • Dick Holland and Jennet Poffenroth presented COOL 2.0 to teachers at the Toronto District School Board’s Eureka Conference. The responses were very positive, with one Grade 10 Science teacher commenting, “Finally, I have a way to really get organized for this Unit [on climate change]!”
  • A number of collaborative projects are now underway, including a team of Winnipeg teachers working on learning-action projects, and a group of teachers creating a dedicated collaborative project in COOL 2.0 for the climate change unit in Grade 10 Science.
  • The number of COOL 2.0 partner organizations has grown to 28. They’re adding their best education resources to the COOL 2.0 Education Database and getting the word out to more teachers.

Visit COOL 2.0 to access the Education Database, participate in the Teacher Forum, and create student assignments that integrate blogs, mapping, media galleries, and more!

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