The Spark of Innovation: Catalysing change for water’s future

What does water mean to you? What do we need to do to thrive in times of turbulent change?

Waterlution is hosting an event this June in Calgary that will explore the process of innovation, and what can be done to catalyse change in our relationship to water. Check out this “Open Space” learning experience to gather new perspectives.

The Spark of Innovation: Catalysing Change for Water’s Future
Tuesday June 19, 2012, 6.30-9pm.
Endeavor Arts & Event Space,#200, 1209 1st Street Southwest, Calgary.
Pay-what-you-can. Snacks and refreshments provided. Cash-bar included.

Featuring art and an interactive exhibit from Telus Spark with Kris Kelly. “Landscapes record every footstep and raindrop that touches them. Collaborate to create a monumental time-lapse animation of a river and the changing land bordering it as it twists and turns, ebbs and flows.”

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