Ending the War in the Woods

Taiga forest dominated by Picea glauca. Gaspé, Québec. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Canada’s forests have boiled with social, political and economic conflict since the 1980s.

Now, a coast-to-coast truce has been called by the forest industry and the environmentalists; one that attempts to respect each other’s interests and values, hopefully leading to a future where more forest is protected and the industry can return to profitability.

Featuring the Ivey Foundation’s Tim Gray, the Sustainability Network is hosting a discussion that will explore the history, actors and power wielded in forest conflicts and examine how it led to the negotiation of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, the world’s largest conservation accord.

Be sure to check it out:
What Canada’s Forest Battles Tell Us About Resolving Conflict
Featuring: Tim Gray, Ivey Foundation
Thursday, May 31, 2012
4:00 – 5:30 PM
215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 120, Toronto