Greening Businesses, NeighbourWoods, Butt Litter – GCNews #774

English: Nissan Leaf electric vehicle and rech...
English: Nissan Leaf electric vehicle and recharging station at the 2010 Washington Auto Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

21 May 2012 – Published by Green Communities Canada

PARTNERS IN PROJECT GREEN. Durham Sustain Ability’s new Durham Partners in Project Green is a growing community of businesses working together to green their bottom line. Sixteen businesses attended the first workshop, Spot the Energy Savings Opportunities. “We had an enthusiastic group for our first workshop and most business representatives left with immediate ideas to put to work in their facilities,” says DPPG Program Manager, Shawna Mutton.

GREENING BUSINESS. City Green Solutions (BC) offers a vast range of energy efficiency services for businesses and organizations:  Engineering Reports and Site Assessments, Thermal Imaging Diagnostic Analysis , Heritage Building Energy Evaluation and Retrofit Planning, Passive House Design and Energy Modeling, Net Zero Consulting , Lighting Assessments,  Sustainability Consultations  and Free LiveSmart BC Small Business Assessments, Free BC Hydro Small and Medium Business Assessments, and more.

NEW EV CHARGING STATION. Windfall Ecology Centre will be putting as many blankets as possible into a Nissan Leaf to celebrate its newly installed Electric Vehicle charging station. The goal is 160 blankets, to be donated to a York Region emergency shelter.

ECODRIVER. GCC EcoDriver program was featured in 2010 NRCan Auto$mart newsletter (page 7).

ATTENTION GRABBER. Post on cigarette butts litter broke GCC Facebook page’s record with 28 shares in less than 24 hours … EcoSuperior invite all youth and adults to take part in an anti-litter video contest. Due 30 May.

NEIGHBOURWOOD PODCAST. Elora Environment Centre Coordinator for NeighbourWoods, Toni Ellis, was recently a guest on Daisy Moore’s gardening radio show on The Grand 92.9FM.

SUSTAINABLE HEALTH CARE. See Getting to Green Sustainable Health Care Training worKshop series by Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care. “The problem of increasing volumes of medical waste, including infection waste, anatomical and pathological waste and pharmaceuticals, is a major global issue.”

NONPROFIT WORKSHOPS. Sustainability Network offers a series of worshops: Environment and Diversity Project Open House: Learn from our collaborative partners, mini-grants recipients, and EDP interns. 1 June; New NGO Governance Laws: What You Need to Know to Comply, 6 June, and more.

NITROGEN OVERDOSE. Excess nitrogen from manure and fertilizer runoff can play a big role in causing ocean dead zones, algal blooms and groundwater contamination. Interactive map illustrates how, and showcases the people who are doing something about it (US).

FACEBOOK AVATAR. “The importance of using a visually appealing, perfectly-square avatar consistently on all social networking sites to build a powerful, recognizable online brand has yet to make its way into the communications and fundraising plans of many nonprofits,” says Social media Guide for Non-Profits.

CAR CRAZY OR CYCLING MAD? Quebecers love their cars but they love their bicycles too!  Between 1987 and 2010, the total number of bicycles in Quebec more than doubled and the number of regular cyclists increased by 50%.  See funny article about cycling culture in La Belle Province.

NEW ENVIRONMENTALISM. Tzeporah Berman’s book, This Crazy Time,  is “part manifesto from a leader, part humorous activist memoir from a soccer mom.” She is a founder of ForestEthics and currently Greenpeace International Climate and Energy Co-Director. See excerpts.

JOBS. Greening Nipissing, Student Outreach Intern. North Bay, due 4 June … Atlantic Coastal Action Program Cape Breton, Education Coordinator. Sydney (NS), due 25 May … Evergreen, Month in a Car. Toronto, due 25 May … OPIRG/University of Ottawa, Research Coordinator, Public Interest Research Group. No due date … Saskatchewan Eco-network , Environmental Educator (student job). Regina, no due date … Ecology Ottawa, Outreach Associate (student job). Due 24 May … LAS Energy Services Division, Energy Efficiency Services Provider. Due  13 June … Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, Coordinator. Due 31 May … City Of Brantford, Supervisor Wastewater And Stormwater Collection Systems. Due 28 May

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