MOVE Expo casting call: Would you live in a car for a month?

At 80 minutes per day, Toronto has one of the worst commute times in the world. That works out to almost a full month of commuting for the average Torontonian every year. Imagine spending a month in a car? That’s crazy! Or is it?

Evergreen, a national charity, is looking for a candidate who is willing to live in a car from June 26 to July 26. It’s all part of the organization’s effort to promote this summer’s MOVE Expo at Evergreen Brick Works.

Do you think you’re that special someone for the job? If so, visit our the MOVE Expo’s #monthinacar page to find out how you can apply!

You’d have to be prepared to spend 24 hours a day for 4 weeks straight, eating, sleeping and driving in the car. (Don’t worry, you’ll be allowed out for the necessary breaks!) You’ll get to make media appearances, interview industry experts for a 12-part Passenger Seat “webisode” series, and interact with the public through social media. It’s all part of an effort to find out how much time Torontonians spend commuting, and about new and better ways of “getting around” town.

All candidates must be 20+ with a clean driver’s license. Submissions will be judged based on skill set, personality and creativity.

Deadline is May 25, so get your submissions in now!

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