Eco Stream Unveils “The Cage” Eco-Exhibit

Winnipeg – Today, Eco Stream Canada will unveil “The Cage” Eco-Exhibit at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

The Eco Stream Eco-Exhibit represents the number of plastic bottles and cans (6394) that an average Canadian family would consume and discard over a three-year period. The goal is to encourage Canadians to use products that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and most importantly, promote health and wellness.

“Everyone talks about the three R’s of conscientious consumption: reduce, reuse and recycle,” noted Marta Mikita-Wilson, President & CEO of Eco-Stream Inc. “On average more than 141 billion beverage cans and bottles go to landfills each year. By actively reducing the number of containers in our waste stream, we are slashing the natural resources used to manufacture and distribute all of those bottles and cans.”

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International airport, designated with the prestigious “Airports Go Green” award in 2011, will display the exhibit to encourage Canadians to reflect on the significant amount of waste being created each year.

“As a partner with the community, the Winnipeg Airports Authority is committed to the principles of sustainability,” said Christine Alongi, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Winnipeg Airports Authority. “Environmentally responsible products and practices that encourage employees, tenants and travellers to reduce, reuse and recycle contribute to maintaining a sustainable community.”