Applications are Now Open for the Canadian Youth Delegation to COP 18

On behalf of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

Applications are Now Open for the Canadian Youth Delegation to COP 18!

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition (CYCC) is now accepting applications to join the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD) to the 18th annual Conference of the Parties (COP18) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).COP18 will take place in Qatar from November 26 to December 7 2012.

For six years, the CYD has been the voice of the Canadian Youth Climate Movement at international United Nations climate conferences. Last year’s delegation to Durban developed a successful and strategic campaign to target Canada’s role as an international climate laggard that prioritized the interests of fossil fuel companies over the interests of people.

Due to logistical constraints, CYD 2012 will be much smaller than in previous years. This is the first part of this year’s multi-step application process.

Applications are due Monday, April 9 at 5PM Eastern Standard Time. We will get back to you with next steps in late April.

Please read the additional information below before filling out an application.

Why are we doing this?

To hold our leaders accountable, and to be the voice of the generation that will be forced to live in a future that we too often don’t have a voice in creating. In the wake of the Copenhagen, Cancun, and Durban talks, the United Nations process has been called into question. Social movements have responded by calling on those of us living in nations like Canada and the United States to challenge our leaders’ inaction, and to become the guilty conscience of a government that is stalling and stopping progress at every turn.

We must not only form a CYD, but build a movement that can make those challenges, while creating the more just world we know must come out of this crisis. Members of CYD 2012 are not simply applying to be part of a small team that will go to Qatar in November, but rather to organize in their communities and build the empowered movement that we need. The CYD will also strive to work with our allies from frontline communities across Canada and around the world to amplify the voices too often left unheard or underrepresented in international forums such as the UNFCCC.


Being an effective member of the CYD requires a significant time commitment. Delegates selected for CYD 2012 who are unable to meet the expectations below will be asked to leave the team in order to allow someone from the waitlist, who is able to make the commitments necessary for the program’s success, to join.

Work on CYCC campaigns and projects from the selection date until COP-18 (Power Shift Canada, Wings of Change, Clean Energy Campuses etc).Attend a 5-day delegation training and strategizing retreat in June.Stay in contact with the delegation via email and regular conference calls prior to COP-18.Fundraise for your participation in the delegation (between $3000-$5000).Fundraise to help cover the costs of participation for youth from un(der)-represented communities.Arrive in Qatar 4-5 days prior to COP18 (Nov. 21) for collective planning.Be in Qatar and available for the duration of COP18 (Nov. 26 – Dec. 7). The CYCC will provide letters for team members who require them to reschedule exams or work responsibilities. Be willing to travel to Qatar to work as part of a team outside the UN conference, without accreditation, focusing on external strategy and working with other movement organizations.Remain in Qatar for 2 days following COP18 for a group debrief.On average, be prepared to commit at least 10hrs/wk from May-August and up to 15hrs/wk from September – December, increasing closer to Qatar.

Selection Criteria

The CYCC is committed to selecting a skilled, diverse, and passionate delegation. Applicants are required to be between the ages of 18 and 30 as of December 2012 and to either (a) be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident or (b) have studied or worked in Canada for more than six months.

Please note that we do not expect everyone to be an expert in all aspects of the climate debate, we encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

Leadership and Teamwork Skills: Preference will be given to those who have experience in leadership and teamwork, such as student or grassroots organizing, action planning, event or project planning, or popular education. Please describe your experience, and how you feel it translates into building an inclusive, accessible and empowering youth climate movement.

Anti-Oppression: Experience working in social movements and working with a commitment to anti-oppression is an asset, as are experience in consensus decision making and facilitation skills in an anti-oppression framework.

Previous CYCC Involvement: Applicants are not required to have been involved with CYCC or any of its member organizations. However, previous involvement will be given some consideration in selection process. In order to achieve a decent level of institutional memory we will be trying to strike a balance in the delegation between experienced CYDers and new members.

Commitment to Climate Justice, Climate Change Advocacy and Grassroots Social Justice Organizing: Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to organizing for a cleaner, more just society. Previous experience/training with climate change policy, media, popular education, action/strategy or community organizing is an asset. Experience could range anywhere from organizing an event to forming a club to being active in environmental issues in your school or community. Grassroots organizing outside of the climate movement is also an asset.

Diversity: Preference will be given to those who can contribute something unique to CYD 2012. We welcome the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization, and invite aboriginal people, people of colour, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queer-oriented people single parents, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities to apply. We encourage applicants to describe the contributions and experiences they, as individuals who identify with marginalized communities, would bring to the CYD organization in their statement of interest. All applicants should attempt to incorporate a brief statement on their views of power and oppression into their application.

Geographic Representation: CYD 2012 aims to have representatives from across the country as part of the delegation to ensure that the diverse perspectives of Canadian youth can be better represented at COP18.

For more information on how to apply:

The application deadline is Monday, April 9 at 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

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