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Proposals due Monday March 26, 2012 at 9am EST

ALTERNATIVES’ final issue of 2012 will explore the next generation of job opportunities and identify how to choose an environmentally conscious career path right now. To complement our annual Canadian Environmental Education Directory (which compiles post-secondary degree program details from across the country), we are seeking feature stories and smaller articles that deliver insights about the evolution of learning and employment.

What industries will need a big influx of new workers before 2020 (and why)? What fields or modes of study are making vital contributions to the planetary future (and how)? Which educators are teaching principles or deploying tools that could radically improve our relationships with nature and each other? What are the most exciting new careers in ecological stewardship and social justice? What small-footprint skills and disciplines are resurging? What environmental learning opportunities are out there that everyone should be plugged into? What should both teachers and students be focused on in order to build a more sustainable future?

Story possibilities could also include the following:

  • Profiles of businesses/industries/workers that deliver a lot of benefits to the planet (restoring degraded environments, providing livelihoods for the jobless, reducing energy and resource demand, empowering the voiceless, building understanding …)
  • Creative examples of grassroots and community-based education and learning initiatives that tackle specific local environmental issues, either in Canada or abroad;
  • Profiles of people who hold key positions in an emerging field of environmental science, policy or advocacy which has a lot of near-future growth potential;
  • A discussion of how indigenous perspectives on the natural world could (and should) be integrated with mainstream science to promote stewardship;
  • A brief analysis of a trend or research in environmental education and jobs.

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