SPRiNG – Marrying Habit-forming Employee Engagement with Organizational Management Systems

Featured Expert:
Kathryn A. Cooper
President & Chief Learning Officer
Sustainability Learning Centre

In the face of a widespread employee disengagement problem (apathy, in other words), sustainability presents an exceptional opportunity for companies looking to improve their lot. The pursuit of sustainability brings with it special conditions through which you can begin to align employee values with a company’s higher purpose.

Employee engagement requires an understanding of our “thinking, feeling, willing, social self” and how organizational management systems can create an authentic culture of engagement.

Kathryn A. Cooper will begin the session by introducing the topic and offering her expertise. She will then proceed to begin a dialogue with participants for examining a “learning engagement” model to help identify the organizational systems that foster an authentic engagement culture.

Participants will be encouraged to share their unique challenges too, seeking the advice of their peers. The idea is that by the end of the dialogue, each participants shall have a clearer vision and strategies in hand to better advance sustainability within their respective organizations.


What is SPRiNG?

SPRiNG’s (Sustainability Professionals Resource & Networking Group) purpose is to provide an informal yet intelligent, respectful and no nonsense venue for professionals to share their knowledge, tools, resources and connections with their peers in sustainability.

Its intended audience are those individuals working toward greater operational sustainability and environmental stewardship within their respective enterprise, be it corporation, not-for-profit or government agency.

Said individuals understand the realities of “doing business” – that they face many obstacles and that they must tailor their sustainability efforts accordingly. They are intelligent, pragmatic and wish to participate in a forum wherein they may share their knowledge, tools, resources and connections with their professional peers.

For more information: http://www.beausoleilsustainability.com/spring.html

More Information:
For more information and to RSVP, please contact:

James Watson
Beausoleil Sustainability Solutions
p. (647) 504-9377
e. jwatson@beausoleilsustainability.com

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