The Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) project

Water and Environmental Hub, Calgary, Alberta – The Water and Environmental Hub (WEHUB) project is an open cloud-based web platform that aggregates, federates, and connects water data and information with users looking to search, discover, download, analyze, model and interpret water and environmental-based information.

By combining water expertise with an open web development approach and an entrepreneurial foundation, the project hopes to spur economic diversification and benefit both public users and the private sector by improving the access to water data and tools for academia, government, industry, NGOs and the general public.

This app takes near real time water data from the Alberta Environment website and makes it available in a graphic format on the smartphone or similar device. Data is available in near real-time from observation stations across Alberta and includes: river flows and levels, lake and reservoir levels, snow data, climate and meteorological data, and water quality data.

The WEHUB Flowchart app is now available “free” for Apple and Android devices.

Learn more and visit the website at:

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