Sun Gro proposes a peat mine in Manitoba’s Hecla Park

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The Wilderness Committee is condemning a peat mine proposal put forward by Sun Gro Horticulture to mine for peat in Hecla Park, and asking Manitobans to voice their opinion of the project before the public comment period ends on February 3.

“Lake Winnipeg is the most endangered great lake in Canada,” said Reder. “People in this province know this, and are concerned. We, as Manitobans, must be at the forefront of Lake Winnipeg’s recovery and protection.”

Reder spoke at a news conference against park mining at the Manitoba Legislature. MLA and Liberal Leader Dr John Gerard, Green Party Leader James Beddomme, and Manitoba Wildlands Executive Director Gaile Whelan Enns also spoke at the event.

Comments can be submitted through the Wilderness Committee’s website.


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