Cool Roof Summit² in Toronto


The Cool Roof Summit² will feature industry experts speaking on the benefits of the emerging technology known as Reflective White Roofs, which lower heating and cooling bills to save building owners and operators significant amounts of money.

The event will take place this Wednesday, December 14, from 8:30-11am. Click here to register.

Speakers will include Dr. Hashem Akbari from Concordia University, an expert on reducing energy consumption with cool roofs, Jim Harris, author and management consultant on white roofs and the environment, and (by video link) Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza, founder of New York City’s White Roof Project.

Learn more about this energy saving roof coating alternative for your building, at a time when the City of Toronto is considering amending its policies on green roofs to include cool roof materials.

Most Canadian roofs are dark-colored, and in the full sun, the surface of a black roof can increase in temperature as much as 50 °C over the surrounding air, reaching temperatures of 70 to 90 °C.

This excess heat can contribute to:

  • Increased energy use for cooling and higher utility bills;
  • Higher peak electricity demand, raised electricity production costs, potentially overburden power grid;
  • Increased air pollution from additional energy consumption related to cooling;
  • Premature deterioration of roofing materials; and
  • Increased roof repair and maintenance costs, and unnecessarily high levels of roofing waste sent to landfills.