Corporate Knight’s Cleantech 10™

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Toronto – On November 16, Corporate Knights, a media and financial products company focused on clean capitalism, will open the Toronto Stock Exchange with the preeminent list of Canadian public and private cleantech companies: the Cleantech 10™ and Next 10.

The Corporate Knights Cleantech 10™ was compiled by Corporate Knights Inc. and Cleantech Group LLC, the leading provider of Cleantech indices and information globally.

Cleantech Group’s The Cleantech Index underlies several Index-based funds, such as the PowerShares Cleantech ETF (NYSE:PZD), and is the first and only index to cover cleantech companies across a broad array of industries.

The Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange host over 130 clean technology companies with a combined quoted market value of more than $16.5-billion as of September 30, 2011.

The Next 10 were selected by an advisory panel of Canada’s foremost authorities on cleantech, using four judging criteria: creativity and original approach, solving a business problem, clear business objective and best chance of breaking through.

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