Progressive Conservative Platform

Greenpages contributor Jen McLaughlin reached out to several Progressive Conservative candidates for interviews in advance of the Ontario election, but did not hear back from any of them. As a result, she was unable to provide their perspective on the Change Book.  Her own summary of the PC platform is below. 

The Progressive Conservative platform is called the Change Book and it outlines the party’s commitment to health care, education, taxes, business, transparency in government and the environment.

The Environment 

  • 100% of hunting and fishing license revenue will be dedicated to conservation
  • Investment of $10 million in Ontario Parks to make them even more enjoyable and accessible 
  • Increase funding to expand land acquisition for the Bruce Trail 
  • Cancellation of the eco-taxes on items like batteries and light bulbs
  • Complete the closure of coal powered plants by 2014. Use sites for natural gas or biomass
  • Focus on natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear for power generation
  • Remove the provincial portion of the HST on hydro and the cost of home heating 
  • Unplug mandatory smart meters and allow families to decide if they want time-of-use pricing

  • Implement  a Buy Ontario food policy

  • Invest  more than $35 billion to pay for new infrastructure (transit and transportation)

Health Care
  • Eliminate the 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)
  • Make ER wait times available in real time through Telehealth and online
  • Increase annual investments in health care by more than $6 billion by the end of the first term



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