Video: Pink Salmon Festival Aug 28, 2011

Pink Salmon, Bear Creek
Image by USFWSAlaska via Flickr

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With returns of 17.5 million pink salmon projected to return to the Fraser River in August, the second biennial Pink Salmon Festival served up delicious complimentary pink salmon to the public and promoted pink salmon as a sustainable seafood choice. The event was held at Vanier/ Hadden Park on Sunday, August 28. Members of the public were be treated to barbecued pink salmon donated by Goldseal – Canfisco and prepared by premier Vancouver chefs.

Pink salmon are a nutritious food source that has been traditionally overlooked by the culinary public. In the Pacific, pinks are the most abundant and sustainable salmon species – returning in very large numbers, so they can be sustainably harvested without damage to the overall resilience of the population. Also, purchasing pink salmon can help support B.C. fishers who have struggled over the last decade with low salmon returns.

Long-time seafood sustainability advocate and executive chef Robert Clark, will prepare the menu to showcase pink salmon as a delicious and sustainable alternative to other salmon species.

Born in Montreal and raised on the Gaspe Peninsula, Clark’s passion for cooking and the environment was formed at a young age. He grew up cooking in his grandmother’s kitchen and angling along the salmon-rich York River. Through indulging in these childhood pastimes, he learned to appreciate the value of fresh fish and the delicate ecosystem that supports it. Today he is a part of a growing legion of chefs that believe that restaurants have a unique opportunity to help contribute to the environment by educating people about their food choices.

Clark has been instrumental in the creation of the annual Spotted Prawn festival in Vancouver, assisting the Vancouver Aquarium in developing and launching the Ocean Wise program, and has sat on the board of the B.C. Chefs’ Table Society since its beginning. In March 2011, Clark was awarded the Seafood Champion Award from SeaWeb for his oceans advocacy work.

“Our message to the public is that we as consumers have the power to ensure that salmon have a future for us to enjoy,” said Dr. Brian Riddell, president & CEO of the Foundation. “Salmon are a keystone species in British Columbia from a cultural, environmental and economic perspective. Pink salmon, which are expected to be particularly abundant this year in the Fraser River, have the ability to serve as an abundant human food source while also adequately supporting ecosystems that depend on them for survival. Pink salmon can truly be a sustainable seafood in practice and not just words.”

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