Woven Wire Roll-Up

alberta summer landscape

Image by Jodene via Flickr

Pull up your socks, put on your boots, and travel to the Boote Property to remove some relic fencing. Theneeds your help to tear-down and roll-up a woven fence inhibiting wildlife movement in this beautiful knob and kettle country.

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2011
Closest Town: Penhold, Alberta
Meeting Time: 10:00am- 3:30pm
Special Features: Property History Talk and Tour

Wildlife in this area navigate amongst a patchwork of wetlands, so fence lines act as barriers to their migration. By removing sections of old relic fencing, wildlife will be able to roam these rolling hills with ease!

This old homestead is also host to the invasive Caragana shrub, used in the past to preserve topsoil during the erosion of the 1930s. Removal of the shrub is also necessary as it can quickly turn into a ‘living’ fence and encroach on native areas. After a full day’s work, you can learn the story behind the property by viewing some historical photographs and go on a guided property tour!

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