UN Safe Planet Happening


Planet Terrestrial Earth Animated

On Tuesday, August 16, 2011 the United Nations (UN) will introduce its Safe Planet campaign to Canadians, during a launch event at Vancouver’s Roundhouse with local partner, the non-profit FUN Society (Friends United for Nature).

The “Safe Planet Happening” will feature a collection of Canadian artists, musicians and filmmakers who will connect the themes of climate change, rising oceanic levels, plastic pollution and body burden. The evening will highlight an appearance by actor and Safe Planet supporter, Ed Begley Jr., who will reveal for the first time his toxic chemical results from the Body Burden test he took last year as part of the Safe Planet awareness campaign.

Artists exhibiting their work include: Christian Nicolay, Emma Fitzgerald, Francis Ti_any, Sonny Assu, Alexander Bell, Adam Dodd, Neal Nolan, Manuel Mansylla, Barbara Benish, Jamaica Osorio, Dianna Cohen, Chris Jordan, Jason deCaires Taylor, Rahmin Bahrani and Anila Agha.